The first Estonian vodka made from natural birch sap.

I like that no water has been used to make birch vodka - otherwise I'd soon be hung out to dry.

In the 19th century, Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleyev was instructed by the tsar to determine the optimum strength at which to imbibe vodka. His studies showed that a litre of vodka should weigh 953 grams and be exactly 40% proof at room temperature. To this day, Mendeleyevs formula remains the basis for the production of vodka the world over.

40/60 = 40% of pure spirit and 60% of birch sap.



A very special lightly-flavoured vodka in which birch sap is used in place of water. Spirits purified using the latest technology are mixed with ecologically pure birch sap until just the right strength is achieved for drinking. The quality of the birch sap is important because it depends where it comes from and on the prevailing weather conditions in the previous winter and spring.

Southern Estonia


Since ancient times people have known the value of birch sap as a refreshing spring drink straight from Mother Nature herself. Birch trees growing on high ground produce the best-tasting sap, which keeps flowing for 15-20 days before new shoots begin to emerge. According to an old proverb, birch sap battles 101 illnesses and always has a rejuvenating quality. In fact, the sap stimulates the kidneys and helps remove salts from the body. It also improves blood formation and is useful against gout and rheumatism. Birch sap even has a cosmetic use: washing your face with it will make your skin softer and lighter in tone, while washing your hair with it will make your hair as smooth as silk.

Birch vodka is produced by AS Remedia in limited amount. Available in well equipped stores and restaurants, wholesale by AS Tridens.

Alcoholic product. Alcohol can damage your health.